College of Health Sciences Holds 49th Round Students’ Commencement

Addis Ababa University (AAU), College of Heal Sciences, graduated 484 students who successfully covered their courses in PhD, Speciality and MSc levels at Sidist Kilo Main Campus on 6th of March 2021.

Samuel Kifle (PhD), State Minister at Ministry of Science and Higher Education, stated on the occasion that Ethiopia has globally been successful in the health sector focused on reducing maternal and child mortality, increasing access to and quality of health care, escalating the number of professionals and research in the field.

According to Dr. Samuel, the government will pay special attention to the health sector tending from prevention to a situation where it needs to treat and save in the coming years. The new graduates are additional force to implement topical treatment in treating non-communicable diseases, as well as reducing the abuse of our citizens who go abroad for treatment, he added.

“Due to the favourable climate of our country, if we expand medical tourism here instead of sending citizens to abroad for treatment, we are paying more attention to the future of fruitful diplomacy and economic growth. I urge you to work together on this key task to Ethiopia’s prosperity by building a resilient health system,” Dr. Samuel finally said.

Professor Tassew Weldehanna, President of Addis Ababa University, congratulated the graduates for their successful completion of hard work over the past six years and after overcoming last year’s COVID-19 epidemic.

“A country with a healthy population is considered a great asset because health is a priority. Health issues play a major role in national economy and social affairs. While it is not appropriate to overemphasize fields of study, it is important to focus on health issues.

Therefore, health education must be strengthened from the very beginning. The health professionals produced by our university are widely distributed in different parts of the country and are rendering unlimited services,” Prof Tassew said.

According to Prof Tassew, a country with a healthy society will no doubt be successful in its development; in this regard, AAU is working hard to meet the national demand by allocating 40 percent of its budget to the College of Health Sciences.

The graduates are needed everywhere and at all times, said Prof Tassew that, because they have learned to serve their country and people as a whole with no consideration of ethnic, linguistic, racial and religious differences which should not matter to them.

A medical professional is a health veteran who strives to ensure human well-being, not only in a comfortable and complete environment, but also in an unpleasant situation because the profession requires a great deal of commitment and sacrifice, Prof Tassew elaborated.

Prof Tassew stated that medical professionals are also researchers and visionary; they conduct research on a regular basis in the face of constant challenges in the field; they need to take advantage of this opportunity to play a great role and save history of achievements in their life.

“Due to the recurring and complication of diseases, activity of the medical sector is growing in number, and with this in mind, AAU is making great efforts to expand its enrolment horizons,” Prof Tassew finally said.

Doctor Dawit Wondimagegn, Chief Executive Director for College of Health Science, on his part said that these graduates are very different from the previous ones because almost all of them did not have the opportunity to leave their campus during the COVID-19 epidemic, as they took great responsibility to work tirelessly and prevent the disease.

“Just as previous graduates endured the pressures and challenges of their day, so do you. This is a proof that you have a shoulder that can withstand the challenges that lie ahead,” Dr. Dawit emphasized the graduates’ commitment.

As doctors, you do not have to worry about lack of job opportunities due to circumstances; you are the fruits and the members of an institution that has been built over the decades; I have no doubt that you will be able to meet the challenges ahead,” Dr. Dawit finally said.

The AAU College of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, which graduated the first six (6) medical students in 1958 E.C., currently teaches more than 8,500 students in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, public health, nursing and midwifery.

By: Abraham Girmay

Photo: Fikremariam Beyene