Department of Management organizes 17thExecutive Idea Exchange Forum

The Department of Management, College of Business and Economics, AAU in Collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) organized the 17th Executive Idea Exchange Forum under the theme “Ethical Business Practices and Schemes for Motivating Ethical Operation in Ethiopia” on June 7, 2018 at Eshetu Colle Hall.

Dr. Alemu Mekonnen, Acting Dean, CoBE, AAU welcomed the guests and the participants of the forum. In his welcome speech he stated that ethics plays a major role in modern business and can have impacts on wide range of issues from brand reputation and public perception to employee productivity and overall profitability. Companies, said the dean, those work to build and maintain ethical workplace cultures are more financially successful and have more motivated and productive employee.

A paper entitled ‘’Ethical Business Practices and Schemes for Motivating Ethical Operation in Ethiopia’’ was presented by Mr. Tsegaye Kemsi, Chief Executive Officer of Awash Insurance Share Company. During his presentation Mr. Tsegaye explained that board directors and management of business entities need to look in the alignment of corporate and personal ethics.

The panel discussion that proceeded was moderated by Dr. Tilahun Teklu, from the Department of Management. Different ideas and suggestions on Ethical Business Practices have been entertained on the panel discussion. The panelists were Dr. Aregawi Asha, Deputy Managing Director, Ethiopian Construction Projects Management Institute, Mrs. Tihtina Legesse, General Manager, Waryt Mulutila International PLC, Mr. Samuel Demissie, Ethiopian Standard Authority.

The forum showcased the current Ethical Business Practices and Schemes in Ethiopia.