Discussion ensues on “MEDEMER” Book Review at AAU

A discussion held on intellectual reviews presented on Prime Minister Abiy Ahimed’s (PhD) “Medemer” book at Addis Ababa University’s (AAU’s) Ras Mekonnen Hall on 12 March 2020.

A number of professors, lecturers, academicians and other Excellencies from and out of AAU attended the event and shared their views.

The intellectuals, who reviewed and participated in the discussion, have agreed on the concept of the Amharic term “Medemer”, which literally denotes “Addition” implies “Coming together” goes with what Abiy Ahmed perceives as smart strategy to respond the current challenges of Ethiopia.

The two-hundred eighty pages book also introduces the concept of ‘synergy’, which lexically signifies extra power, energy and success to be achieved by working together.

Yonas Adaye (PhD), Director at Institute of Peace and Security (IPS), said “Medemer” is a solution that counteracts and takes away the unpleasant thoughts against ‘synergy’, constellation and social liaison.

“The Prime Minister’s book urges that sustainable peace and security shall be promoted on the bases of grass-roots level of indigenous knowledge,” Dr. Yonas said.

The Director at IPS, quoted an excerpt, which has similar reflection for unity that supports the concept of “Medemer”, from Desmond Tutu’s book titled “No Future without Forgiveness”.

Ubuntu is very difficult to render into a Western language. It speaks of the very essence of being human. When we want to give high praise to someone we say, ‘Yu, u nobuntu’; ‘Hey, so-and-so has ubuntu.’ Then you are generous, you are hospitable, you are friendly and caring and compassionate. You share what you have. It is to say, ‘My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in yours.’ We belong in a bundle of life. We say, ‘A person is a person through other persons.’ It is not, ‘I think therefore I am.’ It says rather: ‘I am human because I belong. I participate, I share.’ Desmond T. (1997:35).

Yania Seid (PhD), Director of Community Engagement at School of Social Work, in her commentary said the country’s university scholars and academicians have been condemned for their less contribution in Ethiopia’s flagging economy in the book.

She noted that the book reveals poor quality education has brought unproductive work force who failed to heal the ailing economy.

Mohammed Hassen (PhD), from College of Social Science, said “Medemer” is enriched with innovative ideas of how Ethiopia will achieve rapid economic boom, consensus politics, cultural development and international relations.

Mohammed said that Prime Minister Abiy’s concept of saving the country from overall disaster and vanishing is the main aim of the book.

Following Mohammed’s review, Tekalign Ayalew (PhD), Department Head in the School of Social Anthropology, said the book is embellished with concrete words and the language accessibility and the sophisticatedly detailed analyses are of superior qualities.

“Medemer”, written under the Prime Minister’s real name, strongly reprimands unprofessional behaviors, illegal acts and crimes of government officials who embezzled public resources for their personal benefits.

Theodros Shewangizaw March 13, 2020

Photograph by: Fikremariam Beyene