EEBIC Application Guidelines for Innovative Companies

Dear Applicant, welcome! Please try to give us a good understanding of your business and your innovative ideas for a new product service or process in maximum 5 pages in total (excluding attachments or additional materials).

Please, follow the guidelines below. Do not be afraid to “make mistakes” – we are here to support you! We wish you good luck!

  1. Company name, legal type, registration address, location of premises (if different)
  2. Names of owners and managers
  3. Telephone and e-mail for contact


  1. Company history: (Please describe briefly the history of the company, the main area of business, main products/services, last year sales (in birr/annum), where and how you sell your products. Please, limit the description to 200 words)
  2. Innovation description (Innovation is defined here as a new product, service or a process for Ethiopia! What is the product or service you want to offer to the market or new process you want to introduce in business? What is innovative about it? How does it differ from similar products/services? Please, limit to 300 words.)
  3. Innovation importance – (Please describe why you think this innovation is important, what benefits it will bring and whether it can lead to a breakthrough in the target market. Please limit to 200 words)
  4. Company strengths skills and experience of the team. (Please, tell us briefly what you believe are the key strengths of your company with relation to this innovation – your experience, key skills and knowledge of your team. Please, limit to 200 words)
  5. Partnerships and collaborative agreements (Please, tell us briefly if you have any partnership or collaboration agreements, with who and how these would help. Please, limit to 200 words max.).
  6. Business plan (Have you developed a business plan for your business? If yes, please attach.)
  7. How do you think the EEBIC can help you realize your innovative idea? What kind of support do you think you would need? (Maximum 150 words)

Selection Criteria

The Selection Committee shall apply the following selection criteria:

  1. Commercial Viability of the proposal (35 Points)
  2. Innovativeness of the proposal (15 Points)
  3. Impact on Target Market (15 Points)
  4. Potential to Improve Lives/Benefit others (10 Points)
  5. Team experience and skills ( 20 Points)
  6. Strength of partnerships and collaborations (5 Points)

Maximum score – 100 Points

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