For MSc in Computational Linguistics Applicants

Department of  linguistics in collaboration with School of Information science in Addis Ababa University has updated its  Computational Linguistics program. the program has started accepting eligible applicants to the field. Thus, we are pleased to welcome interested applicants. the following are additional requirments:


  1. applicants from Linguistics background with a minimum of Bachelor Degree or Equivalent
  2. Applicants from IT/Information Science/ Computer Science, Computer Engineering background with a minimum of Bachelor Degree or Equivalent.
  3. Applicants from Hard Science and technology (e.g. Physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, etc) minoring IT/Information science/ Computer science, Computer Engineering.

More information can be obtained in the university website ( or the department of Linguistics, main Campus, ILS building 4th Floor, Room No. 423-424 or call at 011-12-39755 in working Hours.