ICHEI seeks to cooperate with the AAU on ICT development

A delegation from the International Center for Higher Education Innovation of China (ICHEI) expressed its desire to collaborate with the AAU on Information Communication Technology development in a meeting with Academic Vice President of the AAU,Jeilu Oumer (Ph.D.), on February 21, 2107.

The delegation led by director of the center, Professor Li Ming, discussed the issues of university digital link partnership, university industry cooperation and capacity building.

Professor Li Ming briefed his counterpart Jeilu (Ph.D.)on the unprecedented role of ICT integrated-pedagogy to boost education quality in higher education institutions.

“Our center seeks to cooperate with top universities in Asia and Africa in order to strengthen innovation capacity, integrating and localizing ICT development through students’ involvement in higher education institutions, “said the Professor.

He went on to state: “Providing short term training for staff members specifically on ICT and scholarship for students of the AAU for continuous development of professional manpower is our career.”

He also stated that the cooperation could also pave way for job opportunities with the Huawei Company.

Welcoming the guests at his office, Jeilu Oumer (Ph.D.) underlined the importance of ICT especially in countries where higher education institutions are under vast expansion.


“To sustain our rapid economic development through the production of qualified manpower, ICT is not optional but compulsory to support research and boost education quality,” said the Vice President.

Agreeing with the basic ideas the delegation raised during their discussions, Jeilu (Ph.D.) spoke of the need to identify potential areas of cooperation and sign a memorandum of understanding in the near future.

ICHEI exploits the potentials of ICT to support the expansion, improve quality, and promote equity in higher education in developing countries.