IDPR administers research dissemination workshop

The Institute of Development and Policy Research (IDPR) of the Addis Ababa University ran a research dissemination workshop on the dynamics of land transaction in selected regions of Ethiopia on July 22, 2016 at Desalegn Hotel.

The objective of the workshop was to present and discuss the research findings obtained from the study conducted on the dynamics of land transaction in selected agricultural and agro-pastoralist communities of Afar, Oromia and Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional States of Ethiopia.

Carried out by four researchers from the Addis Ababa University, the study explored forms of land transaction and actors in land transaction. The study further singled out the motives for land transaction and the implications of land transaction for economic development and livelihood security in both highland/agricultural and lowland/agro-pastoralist areas.

Speaking on the occasion, Director of the Institute of Development and Policy Research, Getnet Alemu (PhD.) accentuated that the study findings are believed to add new knowledge to existing ones and extend debate on land policy in the country.  He further emphasized that such a research dissemination workshop will provide useful inputs and insights for policy makers and executors on issues pertaining to land administration.

The study findings indicate that land transactions are commonly practiced in spite of restrictions and the agreements of land transaction were found out to be overwhelmingly informal. Signifying the major driving forces for land transaction, the study identified lack or limitation of capital and irregular market as the primary ones for farmers to practice sharecropping or renting of their land.

Following the presentations, participants posed various questions on issues related to the major factors for land transaction, existing laws on land administration as well as the role of women on the issue.

The research was financed by the USAID through its project called ‘Land Administration to Nurture Development.’

Four principal investigators from the Addis Ababa University: Prof. Tegegne G/Egziabher, Mamo Hebo (PhD.), Ayalew Gebre (PhD.) and Ms. Kiya Gezahegn were tasked by the Institute of Development and Policy Research  to produce independent but interrelated studies in their respective study areas.

Several academicians, researchers, pertinent experts from the selected study regions as well as stakeholders were part of the workshop.