Internet services downtime

Dear AAU Community,

As you might know, the AAU-ICT Directorate, together with the companies engaged, has been undertaking new modular data center and network infrastructure expansion and upgrade works for sometimes now. The modular data center infrastructure implementation phase is completed and now we need to do migration of connections, compute, storage and network equipments and systems and services from old to new data center.

Company involved in the work has indicated that migration activities execution would require some 10 days.

On the basis of that, consultations have been made with some mission critical central level offices and we learnt that the period between the 17th and 27th of August 2018 would be okay.

Accordingly, kindly be informed that internet services would be completely interrupted at Main Campus, CNS, CBE, YSM, ASFA, DD, SSC, SML and ZC during those days.

 The ICT Directorate expresses its apologies over the inconveniences.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation during the complete internet downtime period.


Yosef Shiferaw

Director of AAU-ICT