“Investing in women is critical for quality education,” UN Office chief of staff


Chief of Staff of the UN Office to the African Union, Ms. Nathelie Ndongo-Seh, underscored the need to invest in women to improve quality of education in a forum organized by the Gender Office of the AAU and the UN at Nelson Mandela Hall on October 27, 2017.

The forum was organized with the theme ‘why achieving quality education demands gender action.’

In her presentation entitled ‘promoting the security and development agenda: the role of quality education, gender equality and peace,’ the chief of staff noted that realizing holistic development makes women’s inclusiveness mandatory because no goal can be achieved if more than 50% of the population is left behind.

She also accentuated that quality education is the basis to build strong institutions, secure peace and justice, produce competent generation and bring sustainable development.

Takele Merid (Ph.D.), Director of Change Management of the AAU, for his part pointed out the need to improve quality of education in overcoming development challenges to a level that can produce creative and impactful manpower.


“Realizing quality education is a priority area for the AAU. The university is also working to increase its female academic staff,” added the director.