Invitation for Job Fair Program as Participant

Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MOSHE) has developed strategic plan to enhance students career development center (SCDC) since July 2017 throughout the country. As a result of this plan, it has established SCDC offices at National level in each Government University to support fresh graduate to be employed in their field of studies. 

Based on MOSHE strategic plan, Addis Ababa University (AAU) has also embraced and endorsed the priority of SCDC establishment since May 2018 in improving students’ soft skills, entrepreneurial skills and career development through intensive trainings, career guidance, counseling, job fairs, career weeks and other related activities deemed relevant to enhance the employability of our fresh graduates in more than 80% after graduation in a year in jobs relevant to their field of study.

Thus, the University has scheduled a Job fair/Expo for May 22 to 25/ 2019 in AAU main campus (6 kilo). During the Job fair/Expo, Organizations like yours are invited to participate to promote their services and products to attract potential top-notch employees from the pool of this year’s prospective graduates. The event also provides a networking opportunity to link with the different units of the University, its general Community and other participating organizations/industries. This further engagement can lead to sharing experience and feedback that will train the next generation of graduates to make ready for the industry with its ethical and working characteristics.

Therefore, the office of the president of the Addis Ababa University cordially invites you to be one of the participants during the Job Fair, a tremendous opportunity to recruit an ideal candidate and be able to network. Please confirm your presence until May 10, 2019 so that we book place for you.

For any enquiry and further information please contact:


Tel.: 251-111223860 or Mob. 0913017744/0911181080