Invitation to the National Education Roadmap Preparation Discussion Forums at Addis Ababa University (Meskerem 24-26, 2011 E.C)

The broad Addis Ababa University community are herby cordially invited to attend the National Education Roadmap Preparation Discussion Forums to be held at the Addis Ababa University various colleges and campuses from  Meskerem 24 to 26, 2011 E.C starting at 8.30.a.m each day and ending  5.00 p.m. Being the  meetings extremely  critical  to gather  constructive inputs to  the process of the preparation  of the  Ethiopian education roadmap, the contributions of  both the academic and the support staff of the Addis Ababa University are indeed indispensible and by no means can be substituted by others.  The University community are thus once more urged to take active part in those meetings and discharge their historical responsibilities by making meaningful contributions to the perpetual betterment of the Ethiopian education system the quality of which has so often been decried by various stakeholders.

The Organizing Committee