Latest Publication Incentive Submission Form

Research and publications are two sides of a coin and one drives the other. AAU has a publication incentive scheme to encourage research and habit of publishing in the university, which has been implemented for a while now.

Please inform and encourage all your academic staff and researchers to submit their 2019 published articles in a reputable journal for incentive pay. Please also inform them to submit all articles they have published in 2019. Submission will be made using AAU CONVERIS software at research portal between September 21 and October 20, 2020.

Important information:

1. Submission deadline: October 20, 2020, at 20 hr. Neither the software nor the office entertains any late submission.

2. How to submit the Form: The staff should fill all the requirements of the attached Publication Incentive Submission Form, the Excel version communicated to All Deans and Directors, and submit it to the Department; the Department compile all applications in one excel file and submit it to the Associate Dean for Research and Technology Transfer via email. Then, the Associate Dean will submit all in one excel file to the Research Office via email to

3. How to calculate the Net Payment

  • Amount calculated = 20000 x impact factor
  • Net payment = Amount Calculated x apportionment
  • Apportionment is calculated based on publication points for promotion indicated in the Senate Legislation.
  • The default value of the impact factor of an article not provided is 0.25.

4. Contact:
Mr. Biniyam Amsalu ( or +251-912077039, ICT Business Application Development and Administration Team Leader) for any technical assistance regarding CONVERIS.

 Publication Incentive Submission Form for 2019 publications