“Life for Life! Give Blood, Save Life!”

Students and stafff members of Addis Ababa University (AAU) donated blood to Ethiopian National Blood Bank in the campaign held at Sidist Kilo (Main Campus) 2- 8 March 2020.

The campaign was initiated by “Bego Sew Club’’ and organized in collaboration with Office of Students’ Dean and other voluntary groups found in AAU.

The donation was held as part of Ethiopia’s launching of a campaign to Collect 300,000 units aimed at improving the culture of blood donation and ease shortage of blood supply in hospitals by encouraging individuals to donate blood under the theme “Life for Life! Give Blood, Save Life!”.

Coordinators of the campain stated that they created awareness, as blood donation is an altruistic action, which benefits all the society.

Sources from World Health Organization (WHO) show that donating blood can help in treating patients suffering from cancer, bleeding disorders, chronic anemia associated with cancer, sickle cell anemia, and other hereditary blood abnormalities.

Other sources from WHO indicate that blood donation has health benefits to the donors in reducing risk of cancer and hemochromatosis, damage of liver and pancreas, reducing obesity and improving cardiovascular health. It is also possible to store your own blood for your future needs.

According to the information from the coordinators who organized the campaign held at Sidist Kilo, they were able to collect 80 units of blood from AAU community within the five days move.

By: Tenagnework Mekonnen

Photo: Fikremariam Beyene