Orientation for Interview Medicine and Dental medicine entrance exam October 18/19 depending on the holiday




On the interview date:

  1. Please arrive at Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital (TASH) at 7.30am
  2. Please bring your student ID with you
  3. Guards at all gates are informed of your arrival,

Once in the compound of TASH

  • Please ask where the College of Health Sciences admin building is/ጤና ሳይንስ ኮሌጅ አስተዳደር ህንፃ
  • Go to the first floor of the building and on the left wing there is a meeting hall called the auditorium
  • Exam facilitators are assigned to assist you to arrive at the auditorium

        d.Once at the Auditorium

  • Exam facilitators will wait with students’ names arranged alphabetically
  • The facilitator will inform you of your respective panel number for the exam
  • The exam facilitators at the auditorium are blinded to the student’s code (this code is sent to you via telegram)

       e. Going to your respective panel

  1. Facilitators are assigned to take you to your respective panels

       f. At exam site/panel

  1. Facilitators here will have a look at your panel number and will let you into your examiners turn by turn

Upon entering your specific panel,

Please inform the examiners your codes only (attached on your telegram channel, Examiners are blinded to your names and ID number

The Interview questions:

  1. There are 6 categories of interview questions
  2. The student chooses one category
  3. Per category there are 5 questions
  4. All the 5 questions in the category selected should be entertained
  5. You will be given 3 min for each question and total allotted time will be 15 min. You have to use your time.
  6. The contents of the interview questions are character and personality, Medicine related, society related, ethical, diversity questions.
  • The medical field demands physically fit individuals, candidates with any problem should abstain themselves.

        g. At the end of the exam

  1. Facilitators at the end will collect the marking sheet from the examiners and submit it to the assigned person


compiled result of Medicine students out of 90, 

compiled result of DDM students out of 90,