Research Day of Addis Ababa University

The 2018 Annual Research Day of Addis Ababa University will be held on June 14, 2018 in Eshetu Chole Hall, at the College of Business and Economics starting from 08:30 am.

The objectives of the Research day are to present highlights and the main findings of all ending Thematic, selected Adaptive or Problem solving and Collaborative Research Projects in Addis Ababa University.

This event offers a unique opportunity to all principal investigators (PIs) and members of the research projects to present their research finds and engage in academic discussion with the academic community of the university and stakeholders.

Addis Ababa University cordially invites all interested and the mass media to participate in the workshop and share experience and wisdom for the fulfilment of the missions and the vision of the University and the renaissance of the country at large.