The First Animal Ambulance Service in Ethiopia Starts Functioning

Addis Ababa University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture (CVMA) recently started operating the first kind of animal ambulance service in Ethiopia.

The main objective to begin the service is to improve proper utilization of animal resources in the country through consistent care of animals, said Ass/Prof. Hika Waktole, the dean of CVMA.

“Even though our animal resource is on the fifth stage globally and first in Africa, the country could not get the reward from this resource due to our poor animal handling and low veterinary services,” the dean added.

According to Ass/Prof. Hika, CVMA’s opening this service with one ambulance is just to be a role model for others, but it has to add more well equipped ambulances to reach the need of the community at large.

Ass/Prof. Hika Waktole noted that driving sick animals to towns or cities where medical centres found has been very difficult; this problem can be solved by demonstrating the new service on places where ailing animals are found.   

AAU’s CVMA has a future plan to add a lorry on the ambulance so as to help driving animals from their areas and care in the college’s medical centre, Ass/Prof. Hika Waktole, the dean of the college, finally stated.

By: Tsion Aysheshim

Editor: Abraham Girmay