The Newly Authorized Executive Leadership of AAU Organizes a Meeting

The Interim President of Addis Ababa University (AAU), Samuel Kifle (PhD), in collaboration with the University’s council, organized a meeting in the presence of the Chancellor and Board members of AAU at Eshetu Cholle Hall of the University on the 6th of September, 2023.

The main objective of the meeting was to introduce each other and give guidelines related to the recently practiced autonomy-liaised reform of the University in terms of its importance for the future of the University and the country as a whole.

Dr. Samuel Kifle, Interim President of AAU, made a welcoming speech and briefly stated the direction of the government towards the autonomy of universities which allows them to stand by their own capacity in playing key roles for the development endeavor of the country.

This reality was assured by the official decree of Proclamation number 1294/2015 of the House of People’s Representatives which really helps universities to fulfill their mission in search of truth and knowledge via teaching and research,” he reiterated.

Dr. Samuel further stated that AAU has been given higher responsibility to be the source of education and experience to other government universities since this national reform was started.  This responsibility will be performed by coordinating the University community and higher officials to make it a completely changed institution when it celebrates its Diamond Jubilee within the next two years, he added.

Professor Berhanu Nega, Minister of Education of the FDRE and Chancellor of AAU briefly explained regarding the autonomy of the University and what is expected from  academic staff in terms of their teaching and research activities.

According to the Chancellor, AAU should transform itself in all aspects based on knowledge, truth and freedom, and start working hard as it is expected to have significant contributions in the momentum of the reform.

We know that there are many scholars of the University who have immense capacity; so, they should strive to make AAU a center of change, consultation and research for the benefit of the country,” Prof. Berhanu intensified.

Firehiwot Tamiru, CEO of Ethio Telecom and Chairperson of AAU Board, on her part said that the representation of a country symbolizes to its people and its institutions in general.

It is from you (AAU) that the human resources of the country are enabled in full efficiency and quality to build these institutions. AAU is a large institution that has been producing great leaders and researchers passing through a variety of processes,” she said.

Firehiwot finally stated that the most important point to bring a reform is identifying the gaps that have been hampering the institution from succeeding its purpose and goals in its long-live endeavor.

The meeting was concluded through awarding certificates to the University staff members who had been engaged in the preparation of reform documents for the autonomization process.


Reporter: Tsion Aysheshim

Photo: Fikremariam Beyene

Editor: Abraham Girmay