The Signing of Scholarship Agreement for Ethio-China Friendship

Ethio-China Friendship agreement for scholarship program was signed at Addis Ababa University (AAU) Office of Academic Vice President on September 9, 2022.

Emebet Mulugeta (PhD), Academic Vice President of AAU and Mr. Shen Qinmin, Deputy Chief of the Chinese Embassy to Ethiopia, signed the agreement with the presence of representative Scholars and Diplomats.

Mr. Shen Qinmin, in the interview said that the scholarship program is established by the Government of the People’s Republic of China on behalf of Ethio-China longstanding bilateral relationship to recognize students and teaching staff in AAU with outstanding overall performances.

Mr. Shen said that the Ethio-China Friendship Scholarship Initiative was set up by the current Ambassador of China Embassy to Ethiopia. He said, “In his vision, he tried to encourage the cultural and scholastic exchanges between Addis Ababa University and China.”

We want to assist and promote the academic research of AAU. We want to support enhancing the research area to boost the country’s economy and create knowledgeable society. As a result, prosperity will be achieved and national unity be restored,” he added.

According to Mr. Shen, the scholarship generally aims to strengthening friendship between China and Ethiopia and inspiring students of Addis Ababa University to study hard and contribute to the development of Ethiopia as well.

Emebet Mulugeta (PhD), Academic Vice President of AAU, in the interview said that the origin of the scholarship is through the initiative of the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia and the idea is very important.

She explained that the primary purpose of the scholarship is to provide scholarships to students and teachers at Addis Ababa University, especially to make technological research findings meaningful and effective in the society.

According to Dr. Emebet, the scholarship is directed towards acknowledging technology learners as well as instructors with outstanding level of performance and innovative research ideas with immense contribution to the advancement of the University as well as the community.

She added that it also aims to support financially needy students with good academic performance to alleviate the financial burden so that they can focus on their study to realize their potential to enable them use their maximum performance.

Reporter: Theodros Shewangizaw

Editor: Abraham Girmay