Tsehay Zewde Memorial Scholarship Programme Honors Visually Impaired Female Graduates

Tsehay Zewde Memorial Scholarship Programme hosted commencement day and awarding ceremony to honor Addis Ababa University’s visually impaired female graduates of 2019 on July 15, 2019 at Mandela Hall. On the occasion, eleven female students who are visually impaired were awarded laptop computers.

Aster Zewde, founder of Tsehay Zewde Memorial Scholarship Programme, congratulated the graduates and said, “This is for the 9th year that the scholarship Programme is going on to support visually impaired female students in Addis Ababa University.”

She added that over 350 students have become beneficiaries in the scholarship.“Tsehay Zewde Memorial Scholarship program offers money support, training and electronic materials support.”

Aster further explained that the program has welcomed and given opportunities of computer related skills, English proficiency, and job readiness training every year with a support of other volunteer organizations.

“All universities have to give emphasis for inclusive education and empowerment for visually impaired female graduates” she noted.

Professor Tassew Woldehanna, President of AAU, on his part said that Addis Ababa University is the pioneer university in teaching large number of disabled students in Africa.

“For the accomplishment of the task, we are working with individuals, and national and international volunteer organizations like Tshehay Zewde’s Memorial Scholarship program.” he added.

Tassew admires Tsehay Zewde Memorial Scholarship program for the unreserved support on empowering female visually impaired students to become successful and productive for the country.

Tsehay Zewde Memorial Scholarship program was founded for the memory of Chief hostess Tsehay Zewde, who passed away on Comoros Island on the occasion of Ethiopian airplane crash 24 years ago.