Undergraduate Programs of AAU

Dear students the undergraduate office would like to congratulate you for a successful first year performance at Addis Ababa University. Though some of you have already known the discipline you want to pursue in our undergraduate program, most of you are yet to decide on what to study. This short description of the various programs in the different colleges, schools and departments at AAU is designed to give you basic information so that you will make an informed decision while choosing the available program that you will follow in your stay as undergraduate student at AAU.

Addis Ababa University, in its nearly 70 years of  teaching, research and community services, has diversified its undergraduate teaching from few handful programs to more than 70 and from the commonly practiced fulltime regular program to extension, summer and distance modes. The following table shows list of available programs that you will choose at the end of this semester.

See Undergraduate Programs of AAU Student Information Document Below: