Victory of Adwa Epitomizes Victory through National Solidarity: Dr. Samuel Kifle, AAU President

AAU today held a special seminar at Ras Mekonnen Hall commemorating the historic Victory of Adwa. As a show of renewed patriotism and symbolizing national unity, the Ethiopian national anthem was played before the commencement of the event.

Dr Samuel Kifle, AAU President, spoke on the inspiration to be drawn from the great Victory of Adwa by present and future generations of Ethiopians. He stressed the need to rekindle the spirit of Adwa as a unifying force to bring together all Ethiopians of all creeds and backgrounds and highlighted national unity as a solution to the contemporary issues of the nation. The victory of Adwa is a lesson that we are stronger together, Dr Samuel said, adding universities should foster and cement national solidarity.

General Alemeshet Degefe, advisor to the Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian National Defence Force, for his part, said the historic victory of Adwa that thwarted Italian ambitions of colonizing Ethiopia was an outcome of intense nationalism that mobilised Ethiopians from across all corners of the country in defence of their nation.

The general said united Ethiopians achieved the unthinkable victory of overpowering, defeating and humiliating a modern European army, inspiring black peoples all over the world for freedom and independence and making Ethiopia a source of immense pride.