Public Lecture

Date: Monday, 25 April 2016

Time: 3 PM, Afternoon

Venue: Eshetu Chole Hall, CoBE,AAU


Publishing Research: Lessons Learned for Authors


Getting your research published is a key challenge for many scholars. This presentation will address that challenge, by sharing lessons learned during the last 30 years in publishing in local, national and international professional media, peer reviewed journals, edited books, and journals in Scopus and the Web of Knowledge. What outlet should you choose for sharing your research findings and why? When should you select a journal, and based on what criteria? What does a journal like in terms of linking your research to the previous discussions on your theme in the journal? How should you build up your manuscript? What is the importance of the essence of your manuscript? For which audience do you actually write? What is the importance of the red thread in your manuscript? What is the importance of that punch line that sells your story. To what factors in your manuscript do you need to pay attention? How is the review process working? What do reviewers look for? What is the editor doing with the reviews? How do you react on editors’ decisions? What is the importance of the rebuttal letter and the revision of your
manuscript? How do you write a rebuttal letter. How do you revise your manuscript? Why are manuscripts rejected? This and more, including rankings of journals, citation analysis of researchers, and benchmarking research groups, will be shared in a highly interactive session. There will be much room for asking questions and advice to get your research published.

Public Lecture1

About the speaker

Martin Mulder, PhD, is Professor and Head of the Chair Group of Education and Competence Studies, Wageningen University, in the Netherlands. He studied educational sciences at the University of Utrecht, and did his PhD at the University of Twente, also in the Netherlands. He is editor of The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension (JAEE) and member of editorial committees of various other journals in the field of education and training. He (co)published hundreds of academic and professional articles, chapters and books, for academic, policy, and practical audiences, and has served on various scientific boards in his field. He is currently completing the edited book Competence-Based Vocational and Professional Education, which will be published by Springer later this year. The research programme of his group on competence in agrifood and environment has been assessed as being of excellent and world-leading quality in 2015. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences, symposia and meetings. In 2015 he organized and chaired the international conference on ‘Competence and Excellence in Extension and Education’ for the Association of International Agricultural and Extension Education and the European Seminar on Extension and Education.

Public Lecture