PhD Program in Management

The PhD Program in Management is very demanding and student selection is based on strict criteria. The Department Graduate Committee (DGC) determines the admission based on the following criteria:

  • First Degree in Management or related functional areas (marketing management, human resources management, operations management, purchasing and supply chain management, or business administration) from a recognized university;
  • Second Degree in Management or Business Administration (including MBA in Finance) or related function areas (marketing management, human resources management, operations management, or purchasing and supply chain management) from a recognized university;
  • A minimum CGPA of 3.00;
  • At least two years teaching experience at a university level after a second degree;
  • Passing the entrance exam to be administered by the Department of Management or a minimum of 600 GMAT score (The test must be taken within the past five years);
  • Evidence of English proficiency. For non-native English speakers or for those who have not possessed their degrees from Ethiopia, a TOEFL score obtained within the last two years or a document certifying that the medium of instruction of the universities they got their degrees from (both their first and second degrees) was English during their time of study; and
  • Statement of Purpose (a statement of personal goals and research interests).

Interview with applicants who meet the above criteria may be conducted (during which they present their statement of purpose) to make a final admission decision.

EMBA Program

The Program is designed to advance executive skills and knowledge, and therefore, the admissions process should ensure bringing together a broad group of highly qualified and motivated participants with significant management experience.
Accordingly, the applicants for the executive MBA program should

  • Be 30 years or above;
  • Possess management or relevant business management function areas related (supply chain management, marketing, human resources, accounting, finance, economics, statistics, or engineering) undergraduate residential degree from recognized/accredited Universities;
  • Have a minimum of 10 years work experience in business organization, of which a minimum of 5 years is on managerial experience after the first degree;
  • Achieve competitive score in the quantitative and language proficiency (communication) test prepared and administered by the Department of Management. (The admission test will be prepared in GMAT standards with general management question included).

Applicants must fulfill the first three criteria to be eligible to sit for the written test.


  1. Experience claimed to be managerial should clearly be described as such or evidenced by a title that unequivocally demonstrates that the   experience is managerial,
  2. Decision on applications will be made based on the documents provided without requesting any clarification. It is the responsibility of every applicant to present documents that clear as per the requirement requested.
  3. The applicant should fill out and submit the Application Summary posted on the Department website.
  4. An applicant whose application or performance does not meet the criteria mentioned or did not fill the Application Summary shall be rejected at any point in the admission processes.

Undergraduate Admission

After a successful completion of their preparatory program, applicants should:

  • Meet the requirements set by the Ministry of Education and the Senate Legislation of the University; and
  • Pass the entrance examination set by the Department.

Graduation requirements

In order to be eligible for graduation with a “Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management,” students are required to:

  • Do a total of 112 credit hours;
  • Achieve a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.00 at graduation;
  • Score a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.00 in core courses;
  • Have no F, NG, and I  in any course; and
  • Comply with the regulations of the University.