Mission, Vision and Values of the College


The vision of the College of Development Studies is to be the leading center of excellence in development studies in Africa.


The mission of the College of Development Studies is to:

  • Produce well- qualified development specialists;
  • Generate and disseminate policy relevant knowledge in the field of development;
  • Provide practical solutions to development problems;
  • Provide community engagements that promote sustainable development, equality and social justice;
  • Promote gender equality and multiculturalism in teaching and research;
  • Promote action research that links research and practice at grassroots level;
  • Provide consultancy services that capacitate the development sectors and line ministries;
  • Advise the implementation and success of mega development project in its areas of excellence such climate change, water resources, tourism, food security, population and the like.


The College of Development Studies hold the following values

  • Work and contribute to development endeavours through perseverance;
  • Mainstream women’s participation in development;
  • See a transformed rural setting;
  • Put always the community at the locus of development and benefit; and
  • Ensure equity among the post-graduate students.