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The Food Security Studies program has been aspiring to be the center of excellence for development research in the country and set up research agendas and themes in line with the GTP, MDG and strategies of AAU. Accordingly, Master’s thesis projects are done on the pertinent problems of the community and the results can serve as input for practicing and formulating policies to address the problem of food security and rural poverty in general. The program has its own research priority areasto which the students’ research works are tied. Livelihood and food security, vulnerability studies and rural-urban linkages are some of the research priorities of the program. There are also many areas on which graduate students are advised to focus; areas that will contribute to methods, theories and empirical knowledge in food security.

Researches done in the Center are linked to the industry or other stakeholders.Knowledge that comes out of Master’s theses contributes to food security at regional and community levels. Students engaged in the activities of stakeholders/industry during their internship program are evidentiary of the level of commitment. So, it is possible to say that the research works undertaken in the Center are linked to the activities of stakeholders.

As part of the teaching-learning process, the program has also been linked to the academic research activities undertaken by the College and other researchactivities funded by partner universities. The academicstaffmembers have been actively involved in research activities through advising students. The program is thus fulfilling its share towards the University’s mission in terms of research. The research activities thus have an immense contribution in helping policymakers and development planners to make informed decisions. It should be pointed out that the Center faces constraints, especially in terms of funding, but despite the limited financial resources, faculty members participatein the exploration of issues pertinent to the nation’s food security.