A planning workshop with new members of the project is conducted

A workshop was held on 03 January, 2019, at Desalegn Hotel, in Addis Ababa, to plan the activities of the project and divide work among project members. The meeting was particularly necessary to inform new project members who joined the project recently. The coordinator of the project, Dr. Moges Yigezu, informed new members about the project: what it is about, its goals and activities, life times, project targets, implementing partners, members of the project from each partner institution, etc. The chair then discussed the activities accomplished so far and the ones to be carried out in the years to come. The focus of the workshop was then zoomed into the activities to be carried out in the remaining project life-time. Dr. Moges outlined the project plan for year 3 and beyond and initiated discussions on division of labor. After rigorous deliberations of the roles and responsibilities of each member of the project, divisions of labor were made and members were requested to prepare and submit their action plans in accordance with the grand project plans.

  • planning workshop with new members