Training for community writers

A technical training on the preparation of childrens’ books was given to selected community writers between on 28-29 July, 2018, in Lewi resort, Hawassa. The training also covered broader topics related to the preparation of literary and supplementary reading for children. The training was officially opened by Prof. Zerihun Woldu, Director of Research at AAU. The training was delivered on the following modules:

No. Training module Trainer
1. Cognitive aspects of story writing I & II Prof. Baye Yimam
2. Perspectives to be considered in writing stories for children Dr. Bayleyegn Tassew

Dr. Moges Yigezu

Dr. Abebayehu Messele

3. Principles and parameters of writing stories for children Dr. Bayleyegn Tassew
4. Evaluation of current practices in writing stories for children Dr. Bayleyegn Tassew
5. Story writing session I & II Dr. Bayleyegn Tassew

Each session was followed by reflective activities, whereby trainees reflected on the various disciplines and perspectives related to children literature. In the story writing modules I and II, trainees had the opportunity to create their own stories and share with and evaluating each other’s written stories based on the principles they had learned. 30 potential community writers received the training. The trainees were encouraged to take the business of writing childrens’ books seriously and invited to take part in the writers’ competition arranged by the project. They were also informed that the project will recognize those who will participate in the completion and the authors of few top creative works will be awarded.

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