Program courses /Number of programs (Undergraduate & Graduate)

The Department of Amharic Language, Literature and Folklore run One Undergraduate and Five Post Graduate Programs. The Programs are as follows:-

  1. BA in Amharic Language, Literature and Folklore
  2. MA in Teaching Amharic Language
  3. MA in Ethiopian Literature and Folklore
  4. PhD in Amharic Teaching
  5. PhD in Ethiopian Literature
  6. PhD in Folklore

Program objectives

The general objectives of the programs in the Amharic Language, Literature and Folklore Department are to:

  • Train writers and critics, editors, translators, public relations officers, etc.
  • Train medium- and high-level manpower that can work in the fields of language, literature and folklore;
  • Produce Amharic language teachers, folklorists and literary experts for universities, colleges, teacher training institutes, and high schools;
  • Produce highly qualified professionals who are capable of doing research in language teaching, literary study, criticism and folklore;
  • Produce professionals who engage in preparing language-teaching materials and in designing curricula;
  • Train experts who can engage in consultancy work on literature, culture and first language education;
  • Enhance the historical, cultural, social and intellectual development of the country through the collection, classification, documentation and dissemination of the country’s written literary heritage;
  • Conducting research on the various languages, literature and folklore of Ethiopia.

Admission Requirements (BA Programs)

  1. Applicants must successfully complete the preparatory program(in both Social & Natural Sciences) with a passing mark in Higher Education Entrance Examination;
  2. Meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education for higher learning.

Admission Requirements (MA programs):

  • Admission is granted as per the regulations of the School of Graduate Studies, Addis Ababa University.
  • Applicants should also pass the written and oral entrance examinations administered by the Department.
  • Graduates from the Department of Ethiopian Languages and Literature, Linguistics, Theater Arts and Foreign Languages and Literature can apply to the program.
  • The number of intake will be determined by the availability of resource and human power.

Admission Requirements (PhD Programs):

Applicants for the PhD program in Applied Linguistics in Teaching Ethiopian Languages are required to hold an:

  • MA or M. Phil. degree in Education (i.e. in Language Education, TEFL, TeAm, Teaching other Ethiopian Languages, etc.), or
  • MA or M. Phil. degree in Linguistics.

Applicants for the PhD program in Folklore are required to have:

  •  MA or MPhil degree from the fields of folklore studies, Ethiopian literature and folklore, social anthropology, history, linguistics and literature;
  •  A minimum CGPA of 3.0;
  •  A preliminary research proposal

(Applicants holding MA in areas other than “Ethiopian Literature and Folklore” are required to take two folklore courses ( EtLi 621 (ELFo 631) and ELFo 622) from the MA Program, and should score a grade of at least B in each course).

Applicants of the PhD program in Ethiopian literature should have:

  • MA or MPhil in literature, or Ethiopian Literature and Folklore, or Cultural Studies from a recognized university (MA graduates from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature will be required to take the Department’s EtLi 616: Seminar in Ethiopian Literatures with a Pass grade while the DGC will determine the courses to be taken by candidates with no literature background at the MA level);
  • Other regulations of the Council of Graduate Studies, Addis Ababa University;
  • Other criteria of selection set by the Department;
  • A preliminary research proposal (synopsis);
  • Three confidential academic recommendations to be sent directly to the Department;
  • Student intake will be determined by the availability of resources, including human power.

Tuition Fees

Payment rates for Undergrad and Post Graduate Courses are as per the rate of the AAU prescription

Scholarships (if any)

Currently Two Chinese Students are attending their language preparatory course to join under and post graduate studies in Amharic Language, Literature and Folklore.

Current Number of students (Undergraduate & Graduate)

Currently the Department has 1047 students in its different programs:-

B.A. in regular program 90

  1. A. in summer in-service510

M.A. in regular programs34

M.A. in extension program 60 summer in-service program 321

PhD in Teaching Amharic 31,PhD in Ethiopian Literature13 and Folklore 37, Total 81