Norad Funded Project (QZA-0483 ETH16/0028)

Project title:

BEYOND ACCESS: Improving Quality of Early Years Reading Instructions in Ethiopia and South Sudan

Implementation period: 2016‐2021
Amount approved: ​14,998,991.94 NOK

​Partner Institutions:​

Addis Ababa University (AAU), Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA), BahirDar University (BDU), University of Juba (UoJ) in South Sudan

Executive summary:

The objective of this project is improving quality in education for primary grades in Ethiopian schools through heightening the capacity and competence of teachers and TTCs, and HEIs in Ethiopia and South Sudan in the area of early years reading instructions.

Over the last two decades, the Ethiopian government has launched mother tongue education in local languages and to date there are twenty‐eight languages introduced into the school system. The
number of students attending primary education in local languages has reached 20.6 million in 2013/14 academic year (MOE, 2015), one‐fourth of the total population. In terms of quality of education, however, there are serious concerns. As shown by various assessments conducted by the Ministry and its partners (EGRA 2010 Report), the majority of students remain illiterate after staying in school for two or three years.

The current project aims to improve the quality of primary education by capacitating TTCs and HEIs, facilitating the production of quality reading materials in eight mother tongue languages, producing evidence‐based scientific papers on early years reading instructions and methodologies, creating awareness on reading culture among the stakeholders and increasing knowledge in reading
instructions in HEIs in Ethiopia and South Sudan.

The Grant Agreement signed between AAU (the grant recipient) and NORAD; and Partnership Contract signed between AAU, BDU, HiOA and UoJ can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

  Grant Agreement

   Partnership Contract


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