Partnerships and Collaboratoins

School of journalism and communication at Addis Ababa University (AAU) and Bahir Dar University (BDU) – and one Norwegian institution – NLA University College (NLA) have a cooperation agreement to enhance education and research in Journalism and Communication. The project aims to increase the flow of MA and PhD students between the two countries by offering Ethiopian MA students the opportunity to do parts of their degree at NLA’s Global Journalism programme; offering Ethiopian PhD students the opportunity to make use of research facilities and assistance at NLA while on short-term research visits in Norway; and offering Norwegian MA students the chance to do courses and fieldwork in Ethiopia. Secondly, the project aims to increase the exchange of faculty between the two countries through joint guest lecturing at the three institutions at the MA and PhD levels. Each university will provide local support when students are on fieldwork and research visits.

Thirdly, the project aims to enhance the Journalism and Communication curricula of the three institutions by preparing a joint course in Media and Conflict. Fourthly, the project aims to engage faculty and PhD students from the three institutions in joint research on development journalism in Ethiopia, with a specific focus on the representation of women, ethnicity and minorities in the media.