Programs and Admission Requirements

Number of Programs

Undergraduate Programs            

  • BA in Broadcast Journalism
  • BA in Print and Web Journalism
  • BA in Public Relations and Advertising

Master of Arts in Journalism and Communication

MA in Journalism and Communication with specialty in:

  • Multimedia Journalism (Print/Web & Broadcast Journalism)
  • Public Relation and Strategic communication
  • Broadcast Media Journalism

Doctoral program

  • PhD in Media and Communications Studies

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for the MA and PhD programs:

  • A bachelor’s degree in journalism, communication, public relations, social sciences, liberal arts, and other related areas from an accredited college or university;
  • Pass entrance exam and an interview;
  • A sponsorship letter from the employer or a statement of self-sponsorship
  • A one or two-page statement of purpose produced by the applicant.
  • For the PhD program Candidates with Master’s Degree in another discipline (different from journalism and communication) may be required to complete additional coursework.

Current Number of Students 2016/17 Academic Year

No Graduate  Programs No of students
Regular Extension Total
1 PhD Program 20 20
2 MA Program 190 351 541
3 BA Program  
  Print/Web 82 82
Broadcast 114 145 259
Public relations and Ads 83 83
             Total 985