Research & Community Services

Addis Ababa University’s faith in the School of Journalism and Communication s’is paying off in a number of ways:

….Since its inception, the school has graduated over 420 students (about 40% were women) with MA degree in the regular and extension programs.  Students enrolled in the MA program had backgrounds in diverse areas including science, agriculture, law, political science, economics, geography, history, education but predominantly came from language studies backgrounds.

—In regards to community service, SJC has offered multiple short-term trainings to practicing journalists, media personnel, media managers, and PR and communication professionals in the country.  For example, SJC has signed a three-year MOU to train staff of the Addis Ababa Administration Communication Affairs Office in various areas of journalism and communication. The following table shows sample training types SJC has offered to various organizations.

–SJC Staff and students have organized and hosted important colloquia and symposia that brought AAU community and high-ranking government officials together. For example, the school has hosted a debate between the ruling party and opposition leaders ahead of the 2015 Ethiopia election. The event was attended by over 500 people drawn from staff, students, media personnel and government officials. Similarly, the school has hosted a conference on media and elections which was attended by over 200 participants.

–Originally a School community radio was established as an integral part of the radio journalism syllabus.Eventually it became AAU’s Community Radio serving the community and other audiences at large. The school also has a student newspaper, “Haleta newspaper”with a circulation of 3000 in Addis and distributed to all formal sectors and AAU’s departments and offices.

-SJC has partnered with International Media Monitoring Consultancies to conduct media monitoring of the 2005 and 2010 general elections coverage by all Ethiopian media.

-The school has undertaken projects in consultancy services and is now working on an audience survey and content analysis of Addis TVRadio and TV programs, National Audience Survey of the Ethiopian Broadcast media.