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Modules appraisal workshop

A workshop was held from 23-28 January, 2019 in Dire Dawa to review, revise and enrich the modules developed by members of the project team. The modules are on: (a) early reading instructions, (b) dyslexia (reading disability), (c) child rights,

Block lectures II conducted at BDU

The MA programme in Reading and Literacy launched at Bahir Dar University commenced during the summer semester, January 11- 21, 2019. Three modules have been taught during this time: (1) Applied Research Methods, taught by Dr. Moges Yigezu; (2) Fundamentals

High achieving female students get awarded-2018/19

The project has continued supporting high-achieving female students since January 2017 with a long-term aim of promoting gender equality and narrowing the gender disparity that is prevalent in the graduate programs of the Department of Linguistics. Accordingly, during the 1st

A planning workshop with new members of the project is conducted

A workshop was held on 03 January, 2019, at Desalegn Hotel, in Addis Ababa, to plan the activities of the project and divide work among project members. The meeting was particularly necessary to inform new project members who joined the

The 2nd annual review meeting takes place

The annual review meeting was held at Lewi Hotel, in Hawassa on 14-15 December, 2018. The meeting was a platform aiming at reviewing the progress of the meeting. It was attended by Dr. Douglas Tendai Phiri, representative from Norad and

A research workshop was held in Hawassa

A research workshop was conducted at Lewi Hotel, in Hawassa on 19-21 November, 2018. Participants of the workshop include Prof. Zerihun Woldu, Director of Research at AAU; members of the project team and PhD students, among others. The papers presented

Block lectures I conducted at BDU

The MA programme in Reading and Literacy launched at Bahirdar University commenced during the summer semester, July-September, 2018. The students, admitted to the program in May 2018, took two modules during the summer semester: Pedagogy and Linguistic Fundamentals for Reading

Training for community writers

A technical training on the preparation of childrens’ books was given to selected community writers between on 28-29 July, 2018, in Lewi resort, Hawassa. The training also covered broader topics related to the preparation of literary and supplementary reading for

High achieving female students get awarded-2017/18

On 5th February 2017, The NORAD funded project: Beyond Access has awarded ten high achieving female Undergraduate Linguistics students with a monthly book-allowance as of January 2017. Such incentives clearly have tremendous significance not only in recognizing high-performing female students but