Hailegiorgis Mamo

Full Name      Hailegiorgis Mamo Darge
Education attended –         BA, Ethiopian Language & Literature, 2005

–         MA, Journalism & Communications, 2008

Academic Rank –         Lecturer
Working for AAU since         2010 –
Administrative positions held –         Head, Print and Web Department, AAU, (2011-2012)

–         Head, Systems Department, Media and Communications Center (MCC), (2000-2013)






Awards ——recognitions — memberships of Intl. bodies/ journals – editorial roles/ initiatives etc –         Proof-readers Head, Night-editor and lay-out editor, The Ethiopian Herald, (1993-1996)

–         D/Editor-in-Chief, Nation, Weekly Newspaper , (2003-2006)

–         Editor-in-Chief, Image, monthly magazine, ()

–         Editor-in-Chief, Zen, monthly magazine

–         Best journalist award, Ethiopian Press Agency, 1995


Address Campus – Abune Petros Campus

Building name –  Abune Petros Build.

Floor number – 1st. floor

Office room no. – 15

Office tel.- 0111-564982

Mobile: +- 0911-919141

University email ID: hailegiorgis.mamo@aau.edu.et

Alternative email ID: hailepilate@gmail.com

Research interest I’ve an interest to do my PhD dissertation on media studies. Since Media Studies is not a well studied field in the country, I’ve a strong desire to make my own contribution in the area and I’m almost finalizing my research proposal on it.



Publications on reputable journals “Cultural Attitudes and Gender Inequality in Ethiopia: The case of “Yeken  Kiginit” radio serial drama”, an MA thesis focuses on the role of a media in relation to intercultural communication. It was published as a monograph by VDM, a leading publishing organization in Germany and an associate member of Berlin University and the Amazon Publishers.