Shimelis Bejiga

1 Ato Shimelis Bejiga

Full Name Shimelis Bejiga Gobena
Education attended
  • Diploma in teaching Amharic Addis Ababa University 1985
  • BA in Ethiopian language and literature AAU 1995
  • MA in Teaching Amharic AAU 1999
  • Diploma in Development Journalism Indian Institute of Mass communication 2003
  • PHD 3rd Year AAU 2012-
Academic Rank Assistant professor 2005
Working for AAU since 2002G.C
Administrative positions held    Registrar, School of Journalism and communication; Head, Print journalism Department; Dean of Students Of AAU;*Several Committees at the university level events (Graduation Committee, Hidar 29, Ginbot 20, University wide training in different issues

  • Public Services
  1. Board Member Ethiopia Press Agency
  2. Board Member for ISAPSO
  3. Board Member Ethiopian Consumers Association
  Patricia Rajasthan Award from IIMC
Address Campus  Abune PetrosBuilding name Abune PetrosFloor number Room Block C

Office room no.  013

Mobile: +251911444543

University email ID:

Alternative email ID:

Research interest
  • In the area Media language implementation Specially in print media
  • Study in language policy and its implementation


Publications on reputable journals
  • ጋዜጦችና ኤች.አይ.ቪ/ኤድስ  (መገለልና መድሎ በሶስት ጋዜጦች ) የህትመት ሚዳያ ጆርናል ቁጥር 6 ነሃሴ 1999
  • የግጭት አዘጋገብ ንጽጽራዊ ትንተናበሪፖርተርና በአዲሰ ዘመን ጋዜጦች የህትመት ሚዳያ ጆርናል ቁጥር 4 ነሃሴ 1998
  • ጋዜጦች ትውልድን በመልክም ሁኔታ ለመቅረጽና ትምህርትን ለማስፋፋት ያላቸው ድርሻ፡፡ የህትመት ሚዳያ ጆርናል ቁጥር 5 ነሃሴ 1996
  • Other Article in different Newspaper and magazines
  • Annotated Bibliography of BA Thesis on School of Journalism and Communication (for reference consumption)
  • Art Review and Criticism Compiled Note for the course  guide