Tenaw Terefe

Full Name Name: Tenaw

Father’s name:  Terefe

Grand father’s name:  Woldemariam


Education attended – BSC, Chemistry Addis Ababa University, 1980

–  Certificate in Television Documentary/Social Education Production, NHK Communication Training Institute, Tokyo, Japan, 2000.

– MA, Journalism and Communication, Addis Ababa University, 2006


Academic Rank Assistant professor
Working for AAU since Since 2003
Administrative positions Past:

  • Deputy director of Ethiopian mass media training institute
  • Assistant head of graduate program of SJC
  • Head-University Industry Partnership of AAU
Address Campus-  Sidist killo main campus

Office room no. 427

Office tel.—–

Mobile: +0913091577

University email ID: –

Alternative email ID: tenawz@gmail.com or tenawt@yahoo.com

Research interest His  interest in research lies in science communication (medicine, basic sciences, agriculture, technology and environment). Engagement of the public with sciences and or public understanding of sciences are deemed very important in developing countries too. He is also  very much interested to research more about this field in my country at large and in my institution in a nut shell. Science in the media or mass media and science is also my focus to delve.
Publications on reputable journals 0. Non in reputable journals and as such we don’t have that kind of journal for the electronic media in the country. But behind me there are 11 TV documentary productions on different social issues, 40 education TV programs for school use with teachers’ guide. And others different from electronic media are as follows.

1.Conducted a research: survey needs of Agro-processing industries of Ethiopia -to initiate university industry partnership (2011)

2. Education reporting in Ethiopian major newspaper with sponsor from Communication for Education and Development of Africa (COMED) (2005)

3.Conducted research on adolescent Girls’ communication education sponsored by UNICEF for the Production of “SARA” film that represents East African countries (1996)

4. Trends of chemical education in Ethiopian senior secondary schools, presented at the third congress of chemical society of Ethiopia. (Founding Member, Chemical Society of Ethiopia Established in 1988)

4. Developed curriculum of journalism and mass communication education for the undergraduate program and Modular syllabus for graduate program of SJC, AAU.