Atalay Alem Ejigu

Full Name Name: Atalay

Father’s name: Alem


Education attended Diploma in Sanitary Science, 1965

Doctor of Medicine, 1983

Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry, 1989

PhD in Mental Health Epidemiology, 1997

Academic rank Professor
Working for AAU Since 2000
Administrative positions held


Medical Director, Adigrat Hospital, 1983-1984

Medical Director, Amanuel Hospital, 1989-1995

Head, Staff Development Unit, AAU, 2005-2006

Reform Officer for Health Sciences to lead the establishment of College of Health Sciences, AAU, 2006-2009

Executive Director, College of Health Sciences, AAU, 2009-2012



Awards, recognitions, memberships of international bodies/ journals – editorial roles/ initiatives etc Awards

1999 Certificate of Recognition, for contribution to mental health research in Ethiopia, from the Theodore and Vada Stanley Foundation, USA, 1999

2006                    One of the three Recipients of Robert Giel award for contribution in teaching, service development and research in mental health in Ethiopia,

2013          Best researcher of the year awarded by College of Health Sciences, Addis Ababa   University 2013          Distinguished Research Award, Addis Ababa University


1998–2002  Led the establishment of mental health services in Butajira, Zeway and Yabello Health Centers through an ongoing mental health research Project in which I was principal investigator.

1985 to date                           Member, Ethiopian Medical Association.

1995 to date                           Member, Ethiopian Public Health Association.

1996 to date                           Reviewer of manuscripts for the Ethiopian Journal of Health Development

1998—2005                            Member, International Advisory Board, American Psychiatric Press, Textbook of Psychiatry.

Consultancy work

1999—2002                            Editorial consultant, the Ethiopian Journal of Health Development

2003 to date                           Editorial Board Member, the Ethiopian Journal of Health Development

2001 to date                           Founding member, Ethiopian Psychiatric Association

2004 to date                           Member, Executive Committee, International Mental Health at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London

2006- 2011                              Member, Global Mental Health Movement Group

2005 – 2010                    Member, advisory group to WHO IMAI Second Level

HIV Clinical Learning Programme development to facilitate Secondary Level HIV/mental health therapy scale-up.

April 2006   Participated in teaching  young African Psychiatrists  On Leadership and Professional Skills Course organized by Department of Psychiatry, AAU and Prof Sartorius, former Director of Division of Mental Health in WHO Head quarters, Geneva.

2007 to date Member, African Psychiatric Journal Editorial Board

2008 to date    Member, Maudsley International Advisory Board

2005-2009  Member, Board, Child Development and Training Center in Ethiopia

2004 to date  Founding member and, for two years executive board member and, active contributor to Mental   Health Society in Ethiopia which is working to support   the mentally ill and their families in the community

June 2008                               Thought parents of Mount Olive Academy School Students on child development and how to handle developmental changes in their children

2008 -2011    Member, World Psychiatric Association ( WPA) Task Force which worked to produce a guideline on Steps, Obstacles and Mistakes to Avoid in theImplementation of Community Mental Health Care

Research interest Epidemiology of mental disorders in different population groups; intervention trials in the adult population.
Publications in reputable journals
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