School of Pharmacy


The School of Pharmacy (SoP) was established in September 1961 as a unit under the Faculty of Science of the then Haile-Selassie I University with the goal of producing pharmacists to handle the country’s pharmaceutical and health needs. Two years later, it was merged with the newly opened Institute of Medical Sciences to form the Faculty of Medicine. Later on, in 1978, the Department of Pharmacy was raised to a full-fledged Faculty status under the name of “School of Pharmacy” and stayed as such until 2010. Following the reorganization of the AAU, it joined three other Schools and Tikur Anbessa Hospital to form the College of Health Sciences.

The SoP is currently located in the New CHS building on the premises of the TASH. Prior to that, the School was at the Science Faculty, Arat Kilo Campus (1962-1978) and Amist Kilo Campus (1978-2011).


The School of Pharmacy aspires to be a center of excellence in pharmaceutical education, research and practice in Africa.


The missions of the School of Pharmacy are to:

  • provide training in professional programs encompassing general, scientific, and clinically-oriented education that prepares graduates to deliver effective and efficient pharmaceutical care;
  • provide training in graduate programs that enable students to acquire extensive knowledge in the pharmaceutical and related sciences and equip them with skills in scientific research;
  • conduct research programs that generate knowledge and address the priority health care needs of the society;
  • provide
  • public/consultancy services and expand the service given to pharmaceutical industries;
  • develop, in graduates, a sense of ethical responsibility, professionalism, and commitment to lifelong learning.

Administrative Structure

The School of Pharmacy, following the restructuring at the Addis Ababa University, has three departments which run different undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The departments are the functional units for teaching, research and pharmaceutical care. The School has an Academic Commission composed of the Dean, all department chairs, the associate registrar, and staff and student representatives. The three departments of the School have various committees and sub-committees that enable them to make participatory decisions on academic and administrative matters. The administrative wing of the School handles various issues such as purchasing, transport service, and student welfare.


The following are, among others, the plans of the SoP:

  • Developing a new strategic plan for the School in line with the strategies of the University, the College and national policies and guidelines;
  • Working in close collaboration with Tikur Anbessa Hospital to manage and improve the pharmaceutical services and care;
  • Working with partners to launch the service of the Regional Bioequivalence Center;
  • Opening additional four PhD programs;
  • Motivating the staff to carry out research through the establishment of research support unit.

First Head of the School: Mr. Parik

Current Dean: Dr.Anteneh Belete

School Staff profile