Wintana Tadesse Abreha

Full Name Wintana Tadesse Abreha
Education attended
  • Bsc, Pharmacy, Addis Ababa University, 2007
  • Msc, Experimental Pharmacology, Addis Ababa University, 2011


Academic Rank Lecturer (2011)


Working for AAU since 2007


Awards ——recognitions — memberships of international bodies/ journals – editorial roles/ initiatives etc Women’s Academic Staff Award


Member, Ethiopia Pharmaceutical Association (EPA), Ethiopian Women Science and Technology Association.



Address College of Health Sciences, School of Pharmacy

Building name:

Floor number: 2nd

Office room no. 9

Mobile: +251-911-888013

University email ID: *

Alternative email ID:

Research interest/ not more than hundred words I am interested in identifying a problem and conducting a research in cancer and cardiovascular diseases. I am highly interested in the molecular knowledge and skills by conducting molecular researches and experiments in neuronal make up and process to target neuronal disease. Also extrapolation of cellular and molecular pathogenesis to select treatment protocols for those neuronal diseases.
Publications on reputable journals Publications on reputable journals: on progress