Wondmagegn Tamiru Tadesse

Full Name Wondmagegn Tamiru Tadesse
Education attended
  • B. Pharm, University of Gondar, August 2009
  • MSC , Pharmacology, Addis Ababa University, September 2011
Academic Rank Lecturer


Working for AAU since September 2014



Address College of Health Sciences

New CHS Building

Floor number 2nd

Office room no. 09

Mobile: + 251 -911637599

University email ID: wondmagegn.tamiru@aau.edu.et

Alternative email ID: mail2wondm@gmail.com

Research interest Phytopharmacology and phytomedicine , Toxicology and Adverse drug reactions of ARV medications, molecular pharmacology of Airway smooth muscles cells, ABC transporters, cancer pharmacology, antimicrobial drug resistance,
Publications on reputable journals
  • Experimental Assessment of Antidiarrhoeal and Antisecretory Activity of methanolic leaf extract of Zehneria scabra in mice. (Submitted to BMC alternative & complementary medicine. (Published on BMC Journal of alternative and complementary Medicine, 14:460, December 2014)
  • Self reported ADRs and their influence on antiretroviral therapy in HIV infected patients: a cross sectional study. (Published on BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology, 15:32, 23 June 2014)
  • Evaluation of the effects of 80% methanolic leaf extract of Caylusea abyssinica (fresen.) fisch. & Mey. on glucose handling in normal, glucose loaded and diabetic rodents. (Published on BMC Journal of alternative and complementary Medicine, 12:151, September 2012)
  • Prescription pattern of psychotropic, narcotic and anticonvulsant drugs in Gondar University Hospital, North West Ethiopia. (Published on International journal of pharmacy and industrial research, Vol 02 (04) 2012.)
  • Patient satisfaction and pain management at surgical ward of an Ethiopian University Hospital: Across sectional study. (Submitted, under review).
  • In vivo wound healing activity of Croton macrstachyus Del. In rats. (submitted, Under review)