Abdi Jibril



Full Name Abdi Jibril Ali
Academic Rank Assistant Professor (September 2014)
Working for AAU since March 2013
Administrative Positions held if any/ past and present Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs (2014-2015)
Education Attended
  • B. (Law), Haramaya University, 2006
  • M. (Human Rights and Democratization in Africa), University of Pretoria, 2009
  • D. candidate, Ghent University, 2015-2019.
Awards and Recognitions Gold medal award for Outstanding Student, Haramaya University, 2006
Memberships of International bodies
Publicity: Journals, editorials roles, initiatives, etc.
Research Interest/ not more than hundred words Human Rights Law

African Human Rights Law

Economic, social and cultural Rights Law

Constitutional rights

  1. ‘Derogation from Constitutional Rights and its Implication under the African Charter’ (2013) Law Democracy and Development Volume 17, pp 78-110.
  2. ‘Justiciability of Directive Principles of State Policy in Africa: The Experiences of Ethiopia and Ghana’ (with Dr Kwadwo Appiagyei-Atua) (March 2013) Ethiopian Journal of Human Rights Volume 1, pp 1-40.
  3. ‘The Admissibility of Subregional Courts’ Decisions before the African Commission or African Court’ (December 2012) Mizan Law Review,Volume 6, Number 2, pp 241-272.
  4. ‘Distinguishing Limitation on Constitutional Rights from their Suspension: A Comment on CUD case’ (winter 2012) Haramaya Law Review, Volume I, Number 2, pp 1-27.
  5. ‘The Need to harmonise Ethiopian Legal Education and Training Curricula’ (December 2011) Ethiopian Journal of Legal Education Volume 4, Number 1, pp 50-92.
  6. ‘The Right to development in Ethiopia’ in Eva Brems et.al. (eds) Human Rights and Development: Legal Perspectives from and for Ethiopia (Leiden; Boston: Brill Nijhoff, 2015).
  7. ‘The Role of Ethiopian Institute of the Ombudsman in Good Governance’ in Wolfgang Benedek et. al. (eds) Ethiopian and Wider African Perspectives on Human Rights and Good Governance (Graz: NWV Publications, 2014).
Community Services such as board membership, etc
Address Campus: Main Campus

Building : College of Law and Governance Studies

Floor Number: Ground

Office No. 009

Office Telephone:

University E-mail ID: abdi.jibril@aau.edu.et

Alternative E-mail ID: abdeejibril@gmail.com