Centre for Federalism and Governance Studies (CFGS) is one of the three units within the college of Law and Governance. It is a teaching and research centre in the area of federalism and multilevel governance. It was established in 2007.


The vision of the CFGS is to be the centre of excellence in federalism. The Centre aims to contribute towards strengthening good governance and the democratization process, promote unity in diversity, and enhance peace and development in Ethiopia.


The overall mission of the CFS at AAU will be to contribute to the strengthening of the federal system in Ethiopia by producing competent professionals and conducting quality research in the fields of federalism, multiculturalism, pluralism, and constitutionalism. Specifically, it aims at:

  • Promoting, through research and teaching, the values of unity in diversity
  • Assisting in strengthening the fundamental principles of the Ethiopian federal system;
  • Initiating and conducting interdisciplinary research and disseminating knowledge and information by publishing articles and research papers that would promote the understanding of and good practices in federalism;
  • Nurturing the federal experience towards realizing its potentials in the political and economic development of the country;
  • Creating linkage between research and policy formulation by improving the knowledge and capacity of policymakers, and legislators on complex issues of federalism in Ethiopia;
  • Producing competent experts conversant with theories, principles and practices of federalism, cultural pluralism, inter-governmental relations, conflict prevention, management and resolution;
  • Providing advisory and consultancy services to the mainstream federal institutions such as the Ministry of Federal Affairs, the House of Federation, Regional and local Councils, and the Council of Constitutional Inquiry;
  • Serving as a think-tank in the area of federalism for various national and international clientele;
  • Contributing to the growing international academic interest in federal studies.