Aschalew Ashagre

Full Name Aschalew Ashagre Byness
Education attended LL.B in 2002 from AAULL.M in  2006 (Private Law) from AAU
Academic Rank Lecturer
Working for AAU since Since 2006 on part-time basis and since 2013 on full time basis
Address Campus : Main campus

Office room no. Near Kenedy Library

Office tel.

Mobile: +251-1-911122119

University email ID:

Alternative email ID:

Research interest Interested in tax law, contract law, Banking, Insurance, ADR and Civil Procedure
Publications on reputable journals
  1. Arbitration and Conciliation of Labor Disputes in Ethiopia: Investigation in to the Legal and Institutional Frameworks, Lambert Academic Publisher, Germany, August 2012.
  2. Basic Principles of Criminal Law: Distance Education Material, Addis Ababa University Printing Press, January 2008.
  3. Published Articles and Case Comments
  4. ‘Involvement of Courts in Arbitration proceedings in Ethiopia,’ Journal of Business and Development, Vol. 2, No. 2, 2007.
  5. ‘Conciliation of Labor Disputes in Ethiopia,’ Jimma University Law Journal, Vol. 1, No.2, 2008
  6. ‘Effect of Non-renewal of Registration of a Contract of  Mortgage under the  Ethiopian Civil Code: A Case  Comment,’ Journal of Ethiopian Law, Vol. 24,number 1,July 2010.
  7. ‘Court Condoning Unlawful Conduct of Prosecution: A Case Comment, ’ Addis Ababa University Student Law Review, Vol.1 number 2, December 2010.
  8. ‘Remedies Available to Workers Whose Contracts are Unlawfully Terminated by the Employer Under Ethiopian Labor Law: Case-oriented Analysis,’ Alpha University College Annual Multidisciplinary Conference, July 2010.
  9. Criminal Jurisdiction of States over Hijackers of Aircraft under the Hague Convention, Bahir Dar University Law Journal, Volume 2, number 1.
  10. Some Issues in Relation to Protection of Copyright under the Ethiopian Copyright and Neighboring Rights Proclamation, Alpha University College Annual  Multidisciplinary Proceedings, 2011.
  11. The Effect of Bigamous Marriage on Distribution of Common Property in Ethiopia: A Case Comment, Journal of Ethiopian Law, Vol.25, No 2.