Assefa Fiseha

Full Name Assefa Fiseha
Education attended L.L. B Addis Ababa University (1995) with honour (Law Faculty)L.L.M, PhD. University of Utreeht-2001-2005) Netherland, Constitutional & Administrative Law
Academic Rank Associate Professor
Working for AAU since December, 2013
Awards/recognitions/memberships Editorial Board member- Journal of Ethiopia Law

– Ethiopia Journal of Federalism (Editor in chief)

Campus    College of Business and Economics
Building name Centre for Federal Studies
Floor number
Office room no.
Office tel.
Mobile: +251 0911365192
University email ID:
Alternative email ID:
Research interest Comparative FederalismManaging diversity

Comparative constitutional law

Intergovernmental Relations

Legal Pluralism

Publications on reputable journals Ethiopia Experiment in accommodating regional and federal studies V-22-No4 (2012)Some reflections on the judiciary in Ethiopia , Recht in Africa    V-1(2011)

The system of intergovernmental relation in Ethiopia, Journal of Ethiopia law V-23:1(2009)

  • AssefaFiseha is the former chair of the Centre and is a leading scholar of Comparative Federalism, Constitutional law, Management of diversity, intergovernmental relations, minority rights, second chambers and Judicial Systems. He has published a book entitled “Federalism and the Accommodation of Diversity in Ethiopia: A Comparative Study’’ and several book chapters and journal articles in reputable journals. He has provided numerous consultancy services to several national and international institutions such as the Max Planck Institute for International and Public Law (on Sudan), Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, Frederich Ebert Stiftung, the Forum of Federations.