To all MSc Regular(for all streams) and Extension Postgraduate Program Applicants of Computer Science Department

Department level entrance examination will be conducted on Sunday, September 17, 2017 at 9:00 A.M in College of Natural Sciences Campus. Thus, applicants whose name is in the eligible applicants list (please see the attachment) are expected to come with valid ID cards.

The following table shows list of undergraduate courses that will be covered in the entrance examination.



Subject Areas


1 Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms


2. Software Engineering


3. Database Management Systems Concepts


4. Operating Systems


5. Computer Networking and Data Communication


List of eligible MSc Postgraduate Extension Program Enterance Examinees:

List of eligible MSc Postgraduate Regular Program Enterance Examinees:

For any question that you may have, contact postgraduate coordinators of the Department.

(Regular postgraduate program coordinator Dr. Ayalew Belay Email:

(Extension postgraduate program coordinator Ato Nesredien Suleiman Email:

Department of Computer Sciences

Addis Ababa University