To all MSc Postgraduate (Regular & Extension) Program Applicants of Computer Science Department

Selam All,
Please be informed that the Department level Entrance exam will be conducted on Sunday, December 6, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. (Morning) at the College of Natural Sciences campus (4Kilo Campus).
The exam rooms will be posted on the Department’s notice boards. Applicants who are only in the attached file are accepted for the department level Entrance exam.
FYI, the entrance exam covers the following courses:
        1. Programming and Data Structure
        2. Database Management Systems
        3. Operating Systems
        4. Data Communication and Computer Networks
        5. Software Engineering
Note: please come with an ID card, could be Kebele ID or any other that provides information about you.
List of Computer Science MSC Regular new Applicants who will sit for Dpt level entrance exam 
List of Computer Science Extension MSC new applicants who will sit for dpt level entrance exam
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