Abebe Getahun

Name Abebe
Father’s name Getahun
Grand father’s name Gubale
Education attended


  • BSc in Biology
  • MSc in Zoology
  • PhD in Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour
Academic Rank
Associate Professor
Working for AAU
Since 1991
Administrative positions held


  • Department Chairman of (Present)
  • Director of the Natural History Museum
  • Associate Dean for Continuing Education of the College of Natural Sciences

Recognitions ———

Memberships of international bodies/ journals – editorial roles/ initiatives etc



  • Fellow of the American Museum of Natural History (1994-2000) with full scholarship for five and half years PhD studies.
  • Recipient of the African Career Award of the Rockefeller Foundation (2001-2003).
  • Recipient of a grant from the Research and Graduate Program of the Addis Ababa University for the study of the effect of Birbira on fishes of Lake Tana (2002-03).
  • Recipient of the Third World Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences’ one month visiting fellowship (2005)
  • Recipient of System for Analysis of Research and Training (START) one month visiting fellowship (2006)
  • Recipient of a three-month training fellowship of the Central African Museum, Tervuren, Belgium (2007)
  • Recipient of the Development Innovative Fund of the World Bank for upgrading the Zoological Natural History Museum (2006-2008).
  • Recipient of Systematic research fund of the American Museum of Natural History (2005-2006) for the study of fishes of poorly studied basins of Ethiopia.
  • Recipient of the Swedish SIDA/ SAREC thematic research fund for the study of aquaculture development in Ethiopia (2007-08).
  • Recipient of the Dryland biodiversity grant for the study of fishes of the Awash basin (2007-08).
  • Recipient of the grant from Development Partnership for Higher Education (DelPHE) of the British Council for the study of cage culture development in Ethiopia (2009-2012)
  • Recipient of a Research grant from Rufford Foundation, UK for the study of migratory fish species in Arno-Garno and GilgelAbay Rivers, Lake Tana sub-basin, Ethiopia (2010-11).
  • Recipient of a research grant from US Fish and Wildlife, USA, for training park personnel on fish conservation (2011-12).
  • Recipient of a Research grant from Rufford Foundation, UK for the study of the effects of sand mining and canalization on the migration of Labeobarbusspp. of Lake Tana, Ethiopia (2013-14).
  • Recipient of a Training grant on aquaculture and aquaponics for sustainable utilization of aquatic resources in Ethiopia from United Nations University, Japan (2013)
  • Recipient of a grant from FAO on ”Promotion and technology transfer of small-scale aquaponics in Ethiopia” (2012-2014)
  • Recipient of a grant from Mohammed Bin Zayed Conservation Fund on conservation of the Labeobarbusspp. of Lake Tana (2013-2014)
  • Recipient of a grant from Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) on conservation of the Labeobarbus spp. Of Lake Tana, Ethiopia (2014-2016)
  • President of the Pan African Fish and Fisheries Association (2008-2013).
  • Regional Coordinator (North and Northeast Africa) for the wetlands International/IUCN SSC Freshwater Fish Specialist Group, beginning February 2007 up to present
  • Executive committee member and Vice President of the Ethiopian Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Association (EFASA).
  • Editor-in-Chief of SINET: Ethiopian Journal of Science, January 2004 to July 2008.
  • Editor of SINET: Ethiopian Journal of Science and Ethiopian Journal of Biological Sciences (Ongoing)
  • Member of the National Aquaculture Advisory Board (NAAB) at the Center for Aquaculture Training, Education, Extension and Research (CATER), Ambo University College, Ethiopia (ongoing)
Address Campus:  College of Natural Science

Building: Science Building

Floor number: 2nd

Office room no.: 250

Office tel.: 0118 95 92 17

Mobile: +251 9 11 11 96 56

University email ID: abebeg@bio.aau.edu.et

Alternative email ID: abebe12002@yahoo.com

Research interests


Diversity, conservation and utilization of Ethiopian freshwater fishes, which includes aquaculture and aquaponics.
Publications in reputable journals


 Vijverberg, J., Dejen, E. Getahun, A.and. Nagelkerke, L.A.J , 2012. The composition of fish communities of nine Ethiopian lakes along a north-south gradient: threats and possible solutions. Animal Biology 62 (2012) 315–335

Anteneh, W., Dejen E. and Getahun, A.  2012. ShesherandWelalaFloodplainWetlands (Lake Tana, Ethiopia): Are They Important Breeding Habitats for Clariasgariepinus and the Migratory Labeobarbus Fish Species? The ScientificWorld Journal

Volume 2012, Article ID 298742, 10 pages doi:10.1100/2012/298742.

Gebremedhin, S. Mingist, M,,Getahun, A. and Anteneh, W. 2012. Spawning migration of Labeobarbus spp. (Pisces: Cyprinidae) of Lake Tana to Arno-Garno River, Lake Tana Sub-basin. SINET: Ethiopian Journal of Science, 35, 2: 95-106.

Anteneh, W., Getahun, A.  andDejen E..  2013. Spawning migrations of Lake TanaLabeobarbusspp. (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) in the Ribb River, Ethiopia. African Journal of Aquatic Sciences; 1-8

Vijverberg, J. Dejen, E., Getahun, A. and Nagelkerke, L. A. J. 2013. Zooplankton, fish communities and the role of planktivory in nine Ethiopian lakes.  Hydrobiologia; Volume 722: Number 1: 45-60.

Melak, T. and Getahun, A. 2012. Diversity and relative abundance of fishes in some temporary and perennial water bodies of the Baro basin, Gambella, Ethiopia. Ethiopian Journal of Biological Sciences, Vol. 11 (2): 193-206.