Center for Food Science and Nutrition


The Center for Food Science and Nutrition of Addis Ababa University has been operational since September 2007. The program trains students in the area of Food Science and Nutrition, Dietetics, Clinical Nutrition and community Nutrition at MSc and PhD level. The center is working jointly with Oklahoma State University (OSU) and also in collaboration with nutritionists, public health specialists and physicians from Black Lion Hospital and Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) to train students in Dietetics, Community Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition.

Food Science and Nutrition is an exciting field of study that applies sciences such as Chemistry, Nutrition, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Engineering to discover ways to improve the taste, nutrition and quality of the world’s food supply and the supply of agricultural products. It also includes learning about food preservation and processing, food analysis, product development such as therapeutic, supplementary and complimentary foods, food packaging and the implementation of food quality and safety systems.

Community nutrition entirely focuses on the nutritional problems in communities that could range from obesity to food insecurity in units from families to governments. It encompasses a broad set of activities designed to provide access to a safe, adequate, healthful diet to a population living in a particular geographic area.

Dietetics is mainly focuses on the study of diet and nutrition in relation to health and diseases. Registered Dietitians (RDs) work in a variety of settings, most commonly hospitals, chronic care/long‐term‐care facilities/group homes, private practice and counseling and public health.

  1. Vision and Mission

To see people with improved health through food.

The Center of Food Science and Nutrition creates and shares knowledge to ensure the role of food and nutrition in the health of society and environment through education and researches.