Existing Resources and facilities for research and teaching

A- Within the College of Natural Sciences

  • Paleoenvironmental laboratory for sediment and microfossil analysis (consists of microscopes and basic analytical equipment)
  • Coring facility (with coring and sampling material and boats)
  • Stalagmite sampling and analysis facility
  • Hydrogen and Oxygen isotope lab
  • Limnological laboratory
  • National herbarium for comparative plant study
  • Natural History Museum for comparative animal study

B- At the National Museum

Paleoanthropological and Archaeological laboratories of the National Museum

C- Forestry Research Centre-MoA

Tree ring laboratory

D- Available field sites for teaching and research

The following field sites can be used for student training and research: Hinte-Megeyta, Yeha, Melka-kunture, Hadar field school, Gadamota, Ziway-shalla sites, Middle Awash, Mojo, Chilga, Mush valley, Mechara caves, etc.