Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision of the Center


The Center for Human Evolutionary Studies is established to study, promote and utilize Ethiopia’s unique   paleoanthropological and paleoenvironmental resources with the mission:

  1. To provide postgraduate training for students who will conduct multidisciplinary research and teaching in the field of human evolutionary studies and contribute to the scientific development of the nation.
  2. To formulate and conduct multi-disciplinary research programs in the field of human evolutionary studies in collaboration with national and international institutions.
  3. To establish a national paleoenvironment and paleoanthropology database-center which will support the reconstruction of Cenozoic faunal and floral evolution and climate change modeling.
  4. To establish and maintain laboratory facilities for analysis of paleoenvironmental and paleoanthropological data.
  5. To establish and maintain permanent field schools that will provide services for national and international students.
  6. To create a strong development-oriented outreach program in all fields of paleoanthropology and paleoenvironment in general, and in the tourism of paleo-sites (paleotourism) in particular.


The Center aspires to be the best in teaching, research, and outreach services in the field of Human Evolutionary Studies.